Turbocharge your Scoring Average

Turn coaches and scouts’ heads when you light up the scoreboard. Not only will you score more points with the training, but it will be easier to do it. You’re closer to being a lethal scorer than you might think.

Instantly Boost Shooting Consistency

Coaches watch for consistency. Consistency is the key to more playing time because coaches want players they can rely on. With Pro Guard Circuit System you’ll learn to accurately shoot and score so your coach and teammates know they can count on YOU to get the win.

Develop Crafty Finishes

We can’t all be super athletic and six foot six inches tall, so you need ways to get buckets regardless of your size and athletic ability. With the finishing drills inside this program you’ll learn to score in the paint no matter your size. With your newfound bag of trick you will be hitting the help side defender with a bunch of finishes that will leave them scratching their heads.

Find Your Killer Instinct

With the confidence you’ll gain through the Pro Guard Circuit System you’ll feel on top of the world. Now there will be nothing stopping you from becoming your team’s go-to scorer and becoming the dominant player you want to be both mentally and physically.

Skyrocket Offensive Confidence

Players who struggle with confidence score less points and get less playing time. Upon completion of this program your confidence will be at an all-time high and you’ll dominate in any game, any situation.

Tighten Up In-Game Handles

Having that ball on a string handle is a super important key to being absolutely unguardable, and with the Pro Guard Circuit System you will see rapid improvement in your ball control, hand speed, change of pace, and confidence. Not only will you turn the ball over less, but defenders will actually FEAR your every move!  

Perfect Dominant Scoring Moves

Inside the Pro Guard Circuit System you will learn simple moves to get big time separation and easy looks. By perfecting the moves inside this program, not only will you score more points, but you will look fly doing it!

Enhance Game-Ready Conditioning

Through our skill conditioning drills not only will you be in GAME shape, but you will also be improving your skills every time you condition. No longer will you do just boring running. With every conditioning drill inside the Pro Guard Circuit System you will have a ball in your hands so you’re getting in shape AND getting better!


These high-intensity drills were designed to simulate the game—high speed, high endurance, and hyper-focused. Developed to ensure that not a single rep is wasted, these drills maximize your training efficiency to deliver fast and insane results.


We’re bringing circuit training to the basketball world— and seeing CRAZY results. These 24 workouts include 8 drills per circuit. Through the repetition of these specially-designed circuits, the skills you’ll master will be deeply ingrained so you’ll retain them longer than your standard skill workouts. Push your limits with these killer circuits, and force your body—and mind— to adapt.


We’ve identified 8 key elements to becoming an elite level scorer. By targeting these 8 specifics areas, it ensures you’re developing into an all-around scorer. We built this program so that in every single workout, athletes are working on: Warmup – Form Shooting – Mid-range Shooting – Three-pointers – Stationary Handles – Movement Handles – Scoring – Conditioning


This is a 24-week intense training program designed to take you from just your average joe player to an elite-level scorer. With just three months of your dedication and hard work, you’ll be breaking ankles, burying deep jumpers, and absolutely ANNIHILATING any defender.
The workouts are super flexible, so you can work them into school and other activities. The detailed workout schedules ensures you stay on track, and keeps you on pace to becoming a better player than you ever imagined. This program is easy-to-follow, and easy to stick to.


Just because you’re not the fastest, strongest, or most explosive doesn’t mean you can’t be an elite scorer. It just means that you need to get crafty with your scoring, and with just these three fakes in your bag of tricks, you’ll score more points—guaranteed!


This is a perfect warm-up to do before games, workouts, or practices. It takes very little space and gets your game primed before you even step out on the court. So when other players are still getting loose, you’re ready to dominate!


The mark of a good scorer is getting big time separation from their defender to get up an easy look. With my Step Back Secrets, I’m personally going to walk you through the simple, yet effective keys you can add to shake even the best defenders!


Shot Mechanics is one of the fastest growing online basketball training communities. We currently have over 350,000 YouTube subscribers from over 200 countries. Our channel features hundreds of free training videos to help you dominate. 
 We also develop world-class training programs that are results-driven with real game implementation. Our number one goal is efficiency—no more wasting time and energy on frilly drills with crazy equipment. You’ll save thousands of wasted reps in the gym, all while developing the skills you need to reach your max potential. Shot Mechanics and Coach C. have been featured in: —Men’s Health —Jordan Brand —National Public Radio —Bleacher Report —CBS Sports —Nike’s ‘Summer is Serious’ —Nike N7 —SB Nation —The Ringer

With the Pro Guard Circuit System you will master these 8 crucial skills to dominate your competition!


To perform at your best, it’s important to prime your body before each and every workout. In every workout you’ll get a warm-up drill right out of the gate to get you loose, warm, and ready to smash your workout!


Form shooting is the foundation to any great scorer. In every workout you’ll get your reps in on cutting edge form shooting drills. This isn’t your classic one-hand form shooting. Instead we’re training your eyes and muscles for live game situations.


The mark of any great scorer is being able to hit mid-range shots in any situation. The drills learned in this section will teach you to get big time separation from any defender so you can take and make any shot you want. Once you master this “forgotten art” you will find your entire offensive game expand.


Forget shooting practice as you know it. With these drills we’ll extend your range, boost your consistency, and have you hitting shots all over the court. The drills featured in this section are hyper-specific to game situations so once the lights come on and the crowd is noisy, you’ll still be nothing but CASH!


Here’s where you’ll see massive improvement in your ball control, hand speed, and hand-eye coordination. These drills are perfect to get quick reps that will actually translate into game. No more wasted time—all you’ll need is one ball and that’s it!


Here we take your skills learned in the stationary section and apply it to game specific movements. Now you’ll easily be able to break the press, fight off any trap, and break your defender down in a one-on-one situation.


These are the drills that are going to take your offensive game to the next level. Once you perfect these game-changing finishes, you’ll become a dominant scorer inside the paint—No matter your size or athleticism. Master these simple finishes and there will be no stopping you once you beat your man and head to the hole!


It’s no secret that if you’re not in game-condition you can’t be at your best. That’s why with these drills, we’re going to make sure that your body is primed and ready to rock and roll. So no matter if it’s the end of tryouts or the last two minutes of the 4th quarter, you’ll still be going strong when others are crumbling.


The P.G.C.S. gives the player and coach a great workout system that can be implemented during your training periods. I love that he has all your offensive skill development work covered for both beginners and elite players. I highly recommend Coach C’s P.G.C.S. because players have everything done for them, now just time to work!

Eric ViuhkolaWest Linn HS (3x State Champs)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Coach Collin for the past several years and I’m always blown away by his passion for the game, his ability to teach proper shooting technique and his innovative drills. He works relentlessly on his craft and it shows in everything he does. His Pro Guard Circuit System is OUTSTANDING.

Alan SteinFounder - The Stronger Team

The Pro Guard Circuit System focuses on 8 crucial ways to become a great scorer. I’m always impressed by Coach C.’s attention to detail and the amount of work he puts into creating his training programs. If you want to be challenged you can’t go wrong with his new Pro Guard Circuit System. Shot Mechanics delivers again!

Henry BarreraSpeed Coach - Liberty University


I would refer a lot of guys to train with Coach Collin. We were able to improve my shooting percentage about 8% in just one session. His passion, excitement and overall knowledge is first class. The creativity and level of detail that goes into his workouts are incredible. No doubt about it, get with Collin’s program and you definitely won’t regret it!

Donald SloanNBA Point Guard

The new P.G.C.S. is a great way to train and improve your game. It gives you quick, efficient workouts and there is no wasted time. It is a great way to improve your overall shooting and scoring abilities. I play D1 basketball and get some of the best workouts out there, but ever since I started doing this system my scoring abilities have improved greatly. I would highly recommend it.

Jake StraughanD1 Shooting Guard

The P.G.C.S. is the perfect program to get your game razor sharp. I love that in each workout I work on every vital skill I need to score the ball. After working out with this program it honestly felt like the game was in slow motion. If you are looking for actual IN-GAME results, look no further then this. I can’t wait for this season to start because I know big things are coming very soon!

Alex DuncanD2 Point Guard

What people are asking…


Is this an online program?

YES! Access the program on any device with an internet connection at any time.

Do I need a partner?

Nope! All drills inside this program can be done by yourself. All you need is a hoop and one basketball.

What if I need help?

Feel free to shoot us a direct email at [email protected] and we will help you out asap!

How long is the program?

This is a 12-week program, but the good news is you can continue to use it for as long as you like to keep your skills sharp!

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